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NVISO is a global leader in human behavior artificial intelligence software making autonomous machines safe. It’s AI software is licensed worldwide to global manufacturers of user centric products and service based industries within the healthcare, automotive, consumer and financial services sectors.

  • Leading human behaviour AI technology with superior recognition accuracy with massive real-world database of over 1Billion data points (data is one key pillar for AI)

  • Key applications in making autonomous vehicles safe with interior monitoring, patient monitoring for remote tele-medicine in healthcare/ robotics, and intelligent devices for smart homes

  • Enabling innovative products reshaping the global economy and our lives. Partnerships established with major global manufacturers- autonomous vehicles (EUR30 Billion German global manufacturer), robotics ($70 Billion Global Japanese manufacturer), and healthcare (EUR20 Billion European global medical device manufacturer)

  • Proprietary technology developed over 10 years with collaborative R&D funding from Europe’s leading AI funding programs of A$29.1m+. Collaboration with Europe’s top tier world leading AI researchers (EPFL, ETHZ, University of Edinburgh, Technical University of Munich)

Investment Highlights

  • Globally leading, proven technology and proprietary intellectual property: NVISO has leading human behaviour AI technology, with high recognition accuracy. It has massive real-world datasets (>1 billion data points) acquired pre-GDPR,which creates a significant barrier for other providers.

  • Extraordinarily large market size and opportunity: AI is expected to become a multi-billion dollar megatrend encompassing all industries. JP Morgan have identified AI as one of the largest growth opportunities globally, expected to add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

  • Advanced development in multiple significant target industries: NVISO has focused its initial efforts in applying its technology in the areas where understanding human behaviour is mission critical to user centric products especially within Automotive, Healthcare, Robotics and Financial Services. Each of these industries has significant size and opportunity.

  • Industry leading relationships, customers and pipeline: NVISO has strong existing customers and relationships with industry leading players in Automotive, Healthcare, Robotics and Financial Services including ZF, Seeing Machines, F&P Personal Robotics,PainChek(ASX:PCK), Cetera Financial, Panasonic and multiple leading consumer electronics manufacturers.

  • Attractive business model and highly profitable at scale: NVISO charges upfront licensing and ongoing fees, as well as an enterprise SaaS offering ensuring ongoing and growing revenues. Due to the high gross profit margins and predominantly fixed cost business, at scale, NVISO is expected to be highly profitable.

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Llewellynn

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C/- Mining Corporate Pty Ltd
Level 4, 11 Ventnor Avenue
West Perth WA 6005
Phone: +61 8 6381 0035
Facsimile: +61 8 9481 4950

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