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NVISO are leading experts in Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to accurate detect and predict emotions and behaviors in Finance, Automotive, and Healthcare.


Automotive AI:
Autonomous Vehicles

The European Commission's adjustment of the General Safety Regulations mandate new generation technologies to protect passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists in all new vehicles by 2022. AI deployment will be a key component to this development.

Optimising safety features and for vehicles to understand and Interact with its occupants will require AI deployment. NVISO's extensive human behaviour database and edge AI deployment experience positions it to be the ideal solutions provider to automotive manufacturers and systems integrator.

Healthcare AI:
Patient Monitoring

The acceleration of an ageing population in developed countries will require AI to increase scalability and precision in patient monitoring especially in remote or tele-medicine scenarios. Accenture predicts USD$150B in savings in the US healthcare economy by 2026 through AI adoption.

AI can enhance and transform the healthcare sector via mobile devices or sensors in hospitals. NVISO has a proven track record in developing patient assessment and monitoring products with a first proven successful deployment with PainChek (ASX:PCK).

Robotics AI:
Ensuring Care

Ensuring the care of the elderly in an ageing society is an increasing concern, particularly in countries such as Japan where single-member elderly households are forecast to account for 17.7% of all households in 2040, up from 11.7 % in 2015. (Source: Japan National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, April 2019).

Meeting the needs of ageing populations will require not only improved healthcare innovations but also the deployment of AI in robotics . NVISO's Human Behavioural AI Apps will help manufacturers deliver effective solutions for the human-machine interfaces of their robots enabling a more comprehensive care for the elderly.

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NVISO's proprietary technology leverages the latest advancements in Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. We provide the most scalable, robust, and accurate artificial intelligence in real-time to create highly actionable information for the Financial, Automotive and Healthcare industries.



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